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We support and invest in outstanding founders with paradigm-changing business ideas.

The time for creative entrepreneurs has never been better as the cost of creating applications based on new technologies like crypto networks, artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet-of-Things, and innovative sensors has dropped drastically.

Even more than money, situational experience, networks, and brains will determine if you can build something of lasting value and make a difference. We help you leave a legacy.


Creating a better internet

Who would have thought that the Internet would end up in the hands of a handful of companies? That dealing with fake news, stolen identities and a general lack of trust would undermine an otherwise visionary idea?

Distributed ledger technology has the potential to shift trust back to users and developers. Trust, not based on people but on math.

Blockchain may still seem like a technology in search of everyday applications. But just like with the internet and mobile technologies, it will find its way through the fog of technological advancements and eventually end up in everybody’s hands.


Everything is a computer

We are entering a time where the amount of “things” that can function as a computer is exploding and that includes the Blockchain with cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and smart contracts.

By 2025, it is estimated that more than 20 billion devices are connected to the internet. This creates the basis for blockchain as an “operating system” for the Internet of things (IoT).

But as with every technological revolution, there is an interlude where businesses and society are trying to figure out what the best use cases are.

We are right in the middle of this. The best moment for great investments.

Artificial Intelligence

Enhancing your brain

It is a matter of debate if clever algorithms and machine learning can already be called “artificial intelligence” as you could argue that the consciousness part of the human brain is missing.

But whatever the definition, application areas that would benefit from “enhanced” intelligence are ample. From autonomous vehicles with LIDAR eyes, language translation to data analysis – we are only at the very beginning of the use of computer technology.

It is most likely that artificial intelligence will fundamentally transform the way we work—enabling faster, more informed decisions, and increasing operational efficiency.

Medical Devices

Augmented healing

The medical devices industry, to a large part, works with tools that have been used for half a century. Innovation is slow to reach patients.

A huge untapped potential is up for grabs by inventors. Companies like Apple Inc. have started to recognize that devices like a wrist watch may end up becoming full-blown medical devices monitoring hearts, blood, and minds. Customized, 3D-printed body parts and individually engineered drugs show the path to what is possible.

Our current health care model is not sustainable as it is far too expensive, complicated, and wasteful. A paradigm shift is unavoidable and on its way.


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